A dark shadow has blighted the world known as Xirakoma, ever since it was almost torn apart by the Great Conquest, a generation past. It may have been liberated by the heroes of old from the Great Conqueror, however, their short-lived freedom brought about abuse, brutality and conflict among themselves in their own greed and treachery. How else could one survive in these desperate times? Now the people struggle through an age of uncertainty, living in fear for their lives. They do not know if they should stand righteous but hungry and even dead, or full and alive at other people’s expense. Nor do they know which of the splintered group of the Alliance will usher in prosperity for the land. Little do they know that all the betrayal and dark dealings are but omens of terrors yet to come. But the land of Xirakoma is fertile. It is ready to harvest new heroes.

A King's Gambit

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